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About Takhparmed

Takpharmed. has set up its operation to deal with healthcare supply needs from local project level to national scale tenders, supplying various well-known brands of generic, pharmaceuticals, medical and consumable products

Our strong team possess a wide range of in-house skills and includes pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, medical engineers, commercial executives, administrators, warehouse, logistics staff and a globally based sales force

Customers include major pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, trusts, hospitals, retail chemists and GPS as well as multilateral organizations, NGOs, charities, government agencies, pharmaceutical wholesalers and traders

We are committed to helping laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturers become more efficient and profitable with our high quality, low cost, alternative solutions and short delivery time.

Takpharmed. offers high-quality industrial and laboratory chemicals from numerous popular manufacturers worldwide. These chemicals are used in various areas such as the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry and science. In our large assortment you will find inorganic reagents such as alkalis and bases, metals and metal oxides, salts and acids for analysis, solvents for liquid and gas chromatography as well as chemicals for organic analysis such as acetone, chloroform, ethanol and many more

In chemical analysis one deals with various applications which require the use of different chemicals and reagents, filter units and rapid tests. In order to ensure perfect, reliable results, only first-class products should be used. In this category, we present you high-quality chemicals, reagents, filter units, rapid tests as well as numerous products for the determination of the dry mass, solubility index and acidity.

In many cases sample preparation is the most time-consuming work step. Clean processes and correctly treated samples are essential. Therefore Takpharmed. offers all products of the world-leading manufacturers, whose assortment is known for their high and constant quality. We present you a large selection of filters, SPE cartridges, syringes, vials and caps as well as valves.

As a competitive advantage Takpharmed. covers the whole range of chromatography products needed in modern laboratories including HPLC Columns, Guard Columns, Solvents for HPLC, GC Capillary Columns, GC Retention Gaps, Solvents for GC, Vials and Caps, Lamps, HPLC Spare Parts, TLC Plates, Supply for Chromatography, SFC Columns and Flash Chromatography.


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